Digital Files and Print Products

How to take care about your digital collection.

To protect your digital collection we advise making multiple copies of your images, to be stored in multiple locations, immediately. Backup to your computer/s, and be sure to make a copy in a location outside of your home, such as your workplace or at your extended family’s home.

After your photography session is over, the most exciting part is seeing your digital images. But don’t leave them on your screen! Printing your timeless photos allows you to enjoy them and see them every day!

Life passes by quickly and memories fade, all we can do is preserve the moments that tell our children a little of their history. While digital files are great, they are not permanent and their lifespan is limited.

Why printing your photos at a professional lab is important. works with a Canadian Pro Photo Lab ( and offers professional quality prints, canvases, and albums. 

All products are individually handcrafted and made from archival*, museum-quality materials, and ink so that you will be able to pass this on to future generations. The gift that keeps on giving!

*Archival photo paper is a term used to define the longevity of a photograph or image on a photo paper. In other words, it is a measurement of how long the image will last without losing its color and without fading or changing its tones.

If you decide to print through consumer print labs.

Please be careful about choosing the consumer print lab for your photo prints, because the color saturation, contrast, and vibrance might be wrong. Make sure to click on “do not color correct” so your print gets as close to the photographer’s work as possible. Here is an example of how the print colors can be changed through different print labs:

Pro Photo Lab vs Consumer Labs

Aspect ratio and print dimensions.

To avoid the print ordering process frustrating you need to be aware of the variety of print and frame ratios. uses a common 3:2 camera aspect ratio. I highly recommend sizes to my clients that fit the same aspect ratio my camera shoots in (6×4, 9×6, 12×8, 15×10, 18×12, 24×16, etc.)

Aspect ratio and print dimensions.

If you print sizes that are different from the ratio of my camera shots, you need to know that there will be some cropping to the photo to fit your desired print size. Many professional photo printers use ROES (remote order entry system) that allows you to upload your image and then adjust the crop until you like what you see. Others offer online ordering with a similar ability to adjust the cropping.

Digital Files and Print Products – Aspect ratio and print dimensions.

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