Photo Retouch

What: Making changes to the original photo in specialized graphic software (I use Adobe Photoshop).

Why: In order to improve the original file and bring it to my own unique artistic style that I have developed over the years as a photographer.

How: By detailed layer work on various aspects of the photo.

Behind each photoshoot, there are multiple steps involved: a selection of style, props, posing, choosing the best angle, but after shooting the artistic process is continuous. Photos come in a RAW format and require final editing. The magic of transforming the original file into the final product is time-consuming detailed retouching.

The retouching of each photo is individual and the methods of influencing the image are selected based on the initial image.

Some photos require deep multi-stage retouching (for example composite two images in one), while others require only minor changes.

Depending on the type of photo, background, and features of the model, the following retouching actions can be used:

– retouching of minor skin defects
– local correction of skin tone and flattening in one tone;
– correction of skin color with jaundice or excessive redness;
– correction and/or placement of light and shadow nuances in the photo;
– liquefying forms of props;
– liquefying forms of parents in the frame;
– lightening of the eyes;
– enhance the blush;
– giving softness to the texture of the skin;
– local saturation or damping of color;
– work with contrast;
– composite from multiple files;
– fixing the background;
– elimination of unnecessary objects in the frame;
– background cleaning, background alignment, or filling in one tone;
– sharpening and much, much more!

Here are some of my examples of before and after:

Newborn Photography beforeNewborn Photography after
Newborn Photography beforeNewborn Photography after
Newborn Photography beforeNewborn Photography after

In this video, I will show you the example of the final photo retouch from my last Newborn Photoshoot. This video is speeded up to show you the full 16 minutes of retouch work in 2 minutes.

Photo Retouch process
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