The 2021 Year in Review

The 2021 Year in Review

Grateful to serve the most amazing clients!

This 2021 year was very exciting and full of bright moments. I enjoyed every single photoshoot. My love for tiny little babies and my passion for photography merged together.

Newborn photography style captures these tender moments, while the child is still very tiny. Parents with kids perfectly understand that these moments cannot be returned. You can take pictures with your phone, but the quality and style will not be the same. Later, you can take a look at these photos and admire how small your baby really was. It’s very heart-warming. You can postpone or plan for the next month or year any other photo shoot, but not the Newborn one because infants change so quickly.

When I photograph a baby in its first two weeks, then at six months I barely recognize him. And the parents usually say: “Is this our child? So small and cute.”

All the Newborn posing that I’m using for my photos are safe and comfortable for the baby. The first two weeks of an infant’s life joints are very flexible and babies are very sleepy and relaxed. That is why you cannon repeat and capture these beautiful, styling photos using the same poses later in three or six months.

Newborn Posing

During this year I was lucky to capture photographs for diverse families coming to my studio. Some parents asked to do photos using items of there’s national color. Some asked to incorporate toys or blankets that were very important to their family.

All babies are very different: they differ in character, crying, and even the sounds they make. Some are sleepy, some are not, some like to study the surrounding space, especially my studio light… Some are smiling and some make beautiful eye contact with the camera.

All my photographs are filled with love and positive vibes because everything I do is coming from my heart. When people see my work they can tell the difference from other photographers. Quality, style, details, color combination, and final photo retouch become the final decision in choosing me as their Newborn and Family photographer.

Great work this year and thank you for choosing
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